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Dive right IN.

Why build Sol Invictus?

The team decided to build Sol Invictus on Solana for a number of reasons. Our team's deep knowledge of crypto systems, our competency in Rust and the overall speed in comparison to Ethereum. Additionally, from a user's perspective, we believe that Solana offers the best upside for them to experiment with new innovations in Defi 2.0. With low transactions fees and high speed, users can effortlessly use the financial products they are told were built for them. Solana allows us to serve all, with the dynamism the people expect from Defi 2.0. Without technology such as Solana as our base layer, innovations such as Dynamic Rebasing would not be possible.

Is this a stable coin?

No, Sol Invictus is not a stable coin. Rather, Sol Invictus is a decentralized reserve currency akin to OlympusDAO. Sol Invictus is backed with treasury assets, which consists of USDC, USDT, mSOL and IN-USDC LP tokens. In fact, each IN has its Risk Free Value (RFV) backed by multiple stablecoins and 'exotic' assets, ever-growing.

What is the deal with (3,3) or being Seen (β—Ž,β—Ž)

To put it simply - Buying IN and staking is good for you, great for IN and fantastic for everyone in the community as a whole.
Projects like OlympusDAO (OHM) explain this through the expression (3,3), where (3,3) represents the most optimal game theory of staking between 2 separate parties. When the protocol undergoes rebase, stakers will receive IN proportionate to what they have staked over time. If everyone stakes, it creates a win-win situation that benefits everyone. If you are wondering what to do with your IN, stake it.