Onboarding into IN
Written by @goldhaxx
Original post by, and all credit to @goldhaxx in our discord. https://medium.com/@zwright7/farm-yield-with-invictus-dao-on-solana-4834cb1f7394

To Start

Get SOL Into a Non-Custodial Wallet
Clicking your wallet address at the top copies the whole address for you.
  • Now that you have your Solana wallet address, go back to Coinbase to transfer your Solana from Coinbase to your Slope wallet.
  • Coinbase will confirm the USD amount you are sending, along with any network fees and the total SOL balance you’re about to transfer. Click Send now to transfer your Solana to your Slope Wallet address
  • Once in your SOL wallet you should see a balance — now we’re going to swap to Invictus DAO’s native token, $IN.

Convert your $SOL to $IN

  • Instructions for a mobile device: In your Slope Wallet app, look for the Browser in the bottom-middle of the app footer. Click it, then search for Raydium and tap it.
Accept the conditions.
  • In the Radium app, select SOL in the first dropdown list and enter just below your SOL balance. You will need to keep a little bit of SOL in your wallet to pay for transaction fees. (If you have 2.345 SOL in your wallet, just enter 2 and leave the .345 in your wallet). On the second dropdown, type IN and select the yellow IN icon.
  • Once you’ve entered the amount you want to trade two buttons will appear at the bottom of the form. First click Setup and wait for the transaction to successfully complete — you’ll see a notification that it went through after a few seconds.
  • Now that you’ve Setup the transaction the Swap button will illuminate — now click that.
  • Back in your wallet you should see your new $IN balance

Stake your $IN on Invictus DAO

  • In your Slope app, click the Browser button again and scroll down a bit to find the Invictus app under the DeFi section.
  • YOUR LAST STEP! Click Max, then Stake IN to stake your Invictus to the DAO and watch your staked balance grow!
  • The web browser process on a PC is similar — just go to InvictusDAO and click Buy on Raydium button in the top-right corner. On Raydium click Connect Wallet, sign in to Slope if it asks, then process your SOL to IN swap. After you’re done swapping go to back to InvictusDAO and click Max and Stake IN.
You're done!
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To Start
Convert your $SOL to $IN
Stake your $IN on Invictus DAO