Frequently Asked Questions, before joining the Stars.

Where do I buy IN?

You can purchase IN on Raydium, or on an aggregator such as Jupiter Aggregator. We recommend Jupiter, as it will always route you the best price for IN. You can find Jupiter on our web app through the "Buy IN" button.

What wallet should I use?

You're recommended to use Phantom. A good alternative is Sollet, but it is not fully tested with our platform and may lead to more bugs while trying to interact with the Invictus.

Is this a fork of OHM?

No, Sol Invictus is functionally like OHM, but completely reworked in Rust to be purpose built for Solana. With Dynamic Rebasing and lower fees, we provide many benefits over a traditional decentralized reserve currency.

Is the code open source?

No, the code is not open source at this time. During our initial stage of growth, Sol Invictus will stay closed source until we establish a dominant position in the Solana Ecosystem.

Is there an audit?

With the wait times that exist with code audits, the team elected to postpone our audit in favor of launching in production.

Is there an Airdrop?

No, there are no airdrops associated with Sol Invictus.

Are the developers/team doxxed?

At this time, the team at Sol Invictus are not doxxed. We are open to the idea of doxxing in the future, but at this time we prefer to remain pseudo anonymous.

Are you open to collaboration with XYZ NFT on Solana?

At this time, the only artist we work with is Operator, who creates our stickers and emojis. The link to his SolSea store is https://solsea.io/creator/619a9899932c5a0b7b42d943/nfts​

Who is the official spokesperson of Sol Invictus?

We do not have an official spokesperson, and anyone saying they are does not have the full consent of the Sol Invictus Team.

Why does my bond keep failing?

Most likely our implementation of Bond Ceiling's on all our bond types is preventing you from bonding. It grows naturally over time, so if it fails, try again after a certain amount of time.

What is this weird token I have in my wallet that starts with sin?

That is your staked IN balance that will convert to the IN token when you click unstake.

Why can't I unstake?

2 reasons - You do not have enough SOL or you have removed your IN token account. To restore your IN token account, simply make a swap on Raydium and try unstaking again.