Dynamic Rebasing
How (re)Based is IN?
Dynamic Rebasing comes to Invictus. The unconquerable Sol breathes in the air of change.
(β—Ž,β—Ž) Captain Sol (β—Ž,β—Ž)

How (re)Based is IN?

Decentralized Reserve Currencies that exist today take two approaches to rebasing, they follow OlympusDAO with an 8 hour rebase period or pick an arbitrary amount of time between rebases to appear novel. Sol Invictus looks to a new direction.
Invictus is taking a fundamentally new approach to a Decentralized Reserve Currency by implementing what we call Dynamic Rebasing. We define Dynamic Rebasing as rebasing that occurs with every block with the contract rapidly adapting to our treasury size. Dynamic rebasing means that as soon as you stake (β—Ž,β—Ž) = (3,3), you will instantly begin seeing your staked balance go up.
The rebase formula is represented as:
Reward = Reward Rate * (block delta since last rebase)
Dynamic rebasing also solves the issue of larger holders selling directly after a rebase, putting downward pressure on IN prices in concentrated windows after 8 hours. By continuously rebasing, rewards will have growing distribution across all time frames, making the protocol stable and solvent.
With Dynamic Rebasing, IN stakers will be happy to hear that their stakes will auto compound faster, meaning staking and compounding IN will work even harder for you in contrast to traditional platforms such as OlympusDAO.
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