The Great Game, Our Fair Launch
What happened and how it happened.

What is The Great Game

The Great Game was the method we chose to fairly release Sol Invictus to the world. It involved playing games such as ;catch, meme competitions, and boosting our discord server. Winners of games such as ;catch were given the roles Ablaze. Ablaze gave players of The Great Game access to the entire Scroll of Truth, a document that had a coded password to our web app, but still had to be matched with an unknown key to gain access to our launch. Radiant were given scrolls in faster intervals than other members. Stars were given scrolls at the slowest rate. Stars had scrolls released first, to compensate for the advantage that Ablaze and Radiant had. Our team timed the great game where even a star who was quick of wit could win against an Ablaze.
This fair launch mechanic was deemed a success from the teams point of view, no whitelist, no non-organic growth to fuel a discord server, only the ability to solve a simple puzzle.
To find an example of what some of the hints about the Great Game were, read below or read our article on medium:​

The Scroll of Truth

(β—Ž,β—Ž) Be seen, great scroll.
As simple as it sounds, The Scroll of Truth inherits the secrets and meaning to The Sun. One shall pay attention to the sophisticated details where its embossed texture is worthy of fortune, granting the Stars and Radiant a chance to prosper.
When The Sun rises, Ablaze will gain power to access the Holy Entrance. There is no additional actions to take for their ascension to the Holy Entrance. They have been seen (β—Ž,β—Ž).
On the Midas hand, Radiant gets earlier advantage in piecing The Scroll of Truth. The given edge shall prove one’s capabilities in accumulating, Midas Hands-ing their information as quick as possible. They have been seen (β—Ž,β—Ž).
Not to forget our fellow Stars, The Scroll of Truth will eventually descend and you shall capitalize, by hook or by crook, to make it to the Holy Entrance. Put in your upmost effort in keep up and we shall see you rise to The Sun. The stars have been seen (β—Ž,β—Ž).