Marinade Finance
What is mSOL and how does Invictus use it?
Invictus is pleased to bring to light our partnership with Marinade Finance, with a new bond offering of mSOL. mSOL is not SOL. It’s BETTER.
Marinade Finance describes mSOL as: The easiest way to stake Solana, with no lockups, compounded rewards and DeFi yields. Sounds great to us and our users.
We love the product that the Marinade team has made beyond just the increased yields for our stakers. They make it easy to stake your unconquerable SOL as well as help improve the overall security of Solana itself.

Why mSOL?

We believe mSOL is the best product available for earning yield on SOL. By adding mSOL over native SOL we can easily pass on the staking rewards via the native staking yield mSOL generates. This, cooked together with Dynamic Rebasing, should make one spicy soup for our community.
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