Discord Guide
How to navigate and how to engage.


Sun Gods

Sun Gods are members of the core team. They are the developers that built Sol Invictus. Reach out to InvictusINnovator, he will be your main point of contact for the rest of the team, but do not hesitate to ping any of the team and ask questions!


The Seen are the moderators of the Sol Invictus Discord. If anyone is giving you issues whatsoever, whether it be bullying or spam, just reach out to them. If you would like apply to be a mod of the server, direct message InvictusINnovator with SEEN and the timezone you are located in. Mods will be picked based on competence, server activity and whether or not they read the docs.


Ablaze are the winners of the great game, or any of the competitions that are going on in the Sol Invictus server. Ablaze have direct access to devs, get information slightly ahead of Radiant and get access to all channels that Radiant have. Win a game of ;catch in the future and you too can be set Ablaze.


Radiant are rewarded to community members who B(β—Ž,β—Ž)STed the server with Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro provides the server with a much needed PoW mechanic, where you are paying to chat to other radiant as well as the developers more directly. Radiant get access to Radiant Announcements, where stickers are announced first, as well as team and product news slightly earlier than Stars.
Radiant chat is typically more nuanced then the free chats, and the level of discussion is more geared towards the project. Developers reach out to this chat first for opinions of the protocol and for feedback on product launches.


Stars are the final and biggest part of the community. The rank of star is given to anyone who joins the server and can talk in most chat rooms. Stars get the same amount of access to the team as anyone else, but it can be hard to get a word in with the amount of activity in our free channels. Innovator or any of the other team members are happy to answer any questions regardless of rank in the server, so do not feel pressure to join Radiant.